Karate Course

Karate Scuola MontessoriMind, spirit and heart to grow together.

Children 4/5 years: this course reserved for smaller aims knowledge of your body through exercises and fun activities. Great importance will be given to dynamic psychomotor  routes to sharpen basic gestures like running, jumping, upside down, pull, throw. The entire connected by some fundamental techniques of Karate.

Primary school children 6/10 years: from 6 years may start studying karate under a more technical point of view. Of course the initial approach to the discipline will take place through the game, turning over time in actual technique. In this age we must pay particular attention to the development of self-confidence and ability.

The course of Karate Montessori bilingual school is held by master Frederick Sangiorgi, who leads the Sports Association Airone Bianco, which aims to convey the Karate as a sport and educational means.

The student learns by the master and the master learns from the student.

Frequency and duration: once weekly, 55′
N° annual lessons: 30
Timetable: 4.00 p.m
Calendar: beginning of October 2015 – end of May 2016
Groups: min. 4, max 10 participants. (Pre School), max 15 (Primary School)
Course fee: € 520 (including VAT)